About the company

Polytex Composite s.r.o. continues the long tradition of manufacture of laminate products at Kovona Karviná a.s. from which it was split off in 1998. It manufactures various precision wound and hand-laid laminate products for industrial application, in particular piping and large-volume tanks.

Polytex Composite s.r.o. employs about 60 people who design, develop and fabricate the laminate products. In case of large deliveries the company provides supervision and, together with its long‑standing business partners, also installation.

High number of the products is sold to foreign companies. They are exported primarily to European Union countries.

Production programme:

  • Equipment for application in power engineering, piping, splash bars
  • Chemical storage tanks and chemical apparatuses
  • Products for environmental engineering, large‑volume tanks, pumping stations, sewage pipes

Quality and certification system

Polytex Composite s.r.o. maintains certified ISO 9001:2000 quality management system. The important processes and procedures are described in a system of internal regulations with Quality Manual as the basic one.

Polytex Composite s.r.o. is a holder of TÜV plastics laminators and adhesive bonders certificate according to DVS 2220 standard (among others) and is certified for works according to Section 19 l of German Water Management Act (WHG).

Large deliveries for power engineering are executed as turn-key projects in cooperation with long-standing business partners. They include preparation of design documentation, delivery of piping including non-laminate pipes, supervision and installation at site. The company has executed many deliveries and installations both in the Czech Republic and abroad (in Portugal, Spain, Germany, Poland, etc.).

Company history

Kovona Karviná started the production of glass‑fibre laminates in 1953 as one of the first companies in East and Central Europe. At the beginning it focused on special products for military applications (e.g. additional tanks for jet planes) and high-strength helmets for motorcyclists and miners. Fabrication of the first composite components – both for special racing and stock cars – and for trailer caravans is also documented.

In 1970 winding units for precision winding of laminate pipes of up to 3,600 mm diameter were purchased. This technology enabled production of various laminate piping and large-volume tanks and, most importantly, the initiation of environment-oriented manufacture of products for waste water treatment plants designed for small contamination sources. In 1990’s manufacture of laminate products for power plants and chemical industry was started.

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