Customized pipe designs, chimney stacks

An entirely specific product are spray headers for desulphurization absorbers. This consists of reducing pipes combined in a self-supporting lattice girder structure, with a typical span of around 16 metres. This application relies on extra quality, chemically resistant vinylester resins with additives, to ensure anti-abrasion resistance of both the outside and inside surfaces. The unique design of all branches and joints allows for maximum resistance of the system within the extremely effortul environment of the absorber inside.

Composite chimney stacks and flue ducts can be used in incinerators and in chemical industry to vent off combustion gases at temperatures not exceeding 200o C. A particular advantage is identified in their high chemical stability even with the condensate occurring.


Spray banks installation - Sines (Portugal)
Chimney stack DN800 - Lovosice (CZ)
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