Underground tanks

The cylindrical parts of the tanks are fitted with massive ribs improving the stability. The tanks are provided with snug steel anchors enabling fixing to the base (typically concrete). They are covered with sand gravel or screened soil free of big stones.

The tanks have single or double shell with permanent tightness detection using a check space inside the tank wall.

The tank volume and structural details such as the number and size of manholes, entrances and exits, fixing of process equipment, etc. are usually designed according to the customer requirements. The cylindrical tank part is manufactured using the technology of wounding on mandrels and the bottom and cover are made on moulds. The volume of the tank depends on its length and diameter; tanks with 100 m3 volume or multi-chamber tank system can also be supplied. The tank size is limited by dimensions of the cylindrical sections. Tanks of up to 4 ,000 mm diameter can be produced.


Underground tank for drinking water DN3000
Settling tank DN3000
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