Equipment for chemical industry

Modification of properties of the resins applied enables to manufacture tanks with special properties for application in explosive (electrically conductive) environment, of self-extinguishing type or with thermoplastic lining (e.g. PVDF). Tanks with double shell (with air space in the wall for tightness detection) and tanks with integral snug PUR insulation are also supplied.

The extraordinary properties of the applied materials enable production of various types of chemical apparatuses which can be combined with common equipment such as mixers, probes, sprinkling systems and heating systems.

Venturi tubes and quenches are used to mix the make up fluid and working fluid which flows through them. They are applied mostly in chemical plants, laboratories and incinerators for flue gas treatment. These apparatuses are known also as “Venturi scrubbers”. They are subject to strict requirements for the materials applied because of the their purpose.


Neutralization reactor DN1000
Quenche device
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